Exhibition of Finnish, Turkish, Estonian young designers, from Lahti Design Bienniale. Begins 17-25.09. k10-20.

The best of the Lahti exhibition “Feel the Design” at Design Night festival
Lahti: Biennale 2011 – the beauty of good design reveals itself not only through seeing but also through feeling and trying out the product. The exhibition displays design products which were created using new knowledge about materials, structure and usability. What would an infallible walking stick which defies the laws of physics look like? How would stone-like textile feel like?
The aim of the event is to develop cooperation between Lahden and other developing design districts. The exhibits include works from Finland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Estonia and Russia. The works of the following artists are displayed at the exhibition in Tallinn:
Cebi (Turkey), Denovo Design (the Netherlands), Ilio (Turkey), Julia Chaitsyna
(Russia), Sule Koc (Turkey), Liivi Leppik (Estonia), Magisso (Finland),
Muoto2(Finland), Naif (Turkey), Rami Santala / Zebra Japan (Finland/Japan),
Sinituote (Finland), Tapio Anttila / Pedro Oy (Finland), Tunto Design (Finland),
Marianne Valola (Finland).

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