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In creating modern textiles, it is possible to design the textile according to the customer’s wishes allowing the client to take part in the creation process. Inspired by nature, and the Japanese shibori technique the designer has created several innovative and unique 3D TEXTILES.

The three-dimensional pattern of 3D CURTAINS appears like a waterfall. These structural one – or two-layered curtains are produced by employing special designer technique using see-through organza fabric. Especially striking is the two-layered curtain where one colour glimmers through the other one creating numerous other beautiful shades. It is possible to make a wavy 3D-patterned side curtain also using taft or other fabrics. All handcrafted designer curtains are washable (hand-wash is advisable). The curtains go through thermal processing and do not need ironing; therefore, they are perfect for a modern person living life in the fast lane. More photos: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/gallery/3d-designer-textiles-curtains

The 3D TEXTILE STONE is set in a fine metal frame and it imitates stones on the beach. The stones in the frame are actually empty and the three-dimensional fabric restores its shape even after touching. The technique used to create this handicraft is patented and every created item is totally unique. The wall picture is light in weight and easy to send by post. In a suitable box it is a perfect gift. The stone fabric can be ordered in various dimensions and colours. Every possible colour gives a different eye-catching effect. The decoration looks especially beautiful in directed light. More info: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/toode/3d-stone-fabric More photos: www.visioontekstiil.com/gallery/kivikangas

There are also images created in various textile techniques “Sunset on Mars” and “SunCatcher”, see the photos at the bottom of the same page. The largest picture is “MoonMagic”, you can see more details here: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/moon-magic

In addition to photos of 3D textiles it is possible to watch a brief video introduction (4 min from the beginning of the video clip), click here. The innovative 3D textiles give life to minimalist interiors and have already gained many fans.


EXOTIC  BEACH  TEXTILES. Our  life is a big adventure and inspired by travels. This is how different beach textiles were born – a beautiful beach blanket “Maui Paradise”and a fun Beach Mat “SunFish” – practical textiles, Designed for All Ages. The captivating images are printed on water- and sunproof fabric, both are perfect to use as a beach or picnic blanket.  Enjoy a bit of luxury with comfort! All info here: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/new-summer-designs-in-photo-print and more spring news 2017, beach blanket photos here:  www.visioontekstiil.com/kevaduudiseid and all Collection of Waterproof Exotic Beach Textiles info here: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/toode/exotic-beach-textiles

Get acquainted with the various possibilities of interior textiles on our homepage. By working together it is possible to create a very unique product offering years of delight. Ready made textiles, now available: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/pricelist

Enjoy exciting textiles. More info: liivi@visioontekstiil.com , +372 5149539

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