Moon Magic

The field of interior design just got enriched with a new 3D design picture. The piece is an original textile picture called Moon Magic, inspired by the full moon and star shine. The fabulous fabric sparkles in both day- and nightlight and the soft wavy sea invites the viewer to come closer and touch it. There is a little guardian angel hidden between the stars and she can only be seen when looked at a close distance. The romantic design element is most suitable to decorate an interior in nightlight when the big golden moon can catch the light to bring forth the enchanting magic of moonlight.

The 3D picture is in a black metal framing and ready to be installed to its final location. The measurments are 120 x 120 x 5 cm/ Price €390. The image in the box.
For information send an e-mail to liivi@visioontekstiil.com More 3D designer textiles: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/products

Best regards, Liivi Leppik

Designer, Visioon tekstiil, www.visioontekstiil.com

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