3D Textile Dreams

The new designer line “3D Textile Dreams. Magic Stones” was born during a photoshoot of the designer`s unique work. The photo images of hand made stone fabrics are printed on textile.
In the line of new decorative pillows, there are different “stone patterns” suitable to use in combination with each other or separately, as an eyecatcher on a couch. Depending on the function of the decoration it is possible to use velour or weather proof textile – soft velour is perfect for interiors, waterproof fabric makes it possible to use it on a terrace. The colours of stone fabrics: gold, silver, orange, blue, dark blue, transparent, violet, white, beige, steel gray, brass and dark brass.

Pillow covers in photo print are available in the following sizes: 50 x 50 cm. Equipped with a zipper lining and a designer label between the seam. Machine wash. Pillow Cover – 35 Eur, Pillow Cover with special box – 40 Eur, Pillow Insert – 5 Eur.

Choose your colour, the product will be sent by post soon. Look more News from Dec, 2017  www.visioontekstiil.com/3d-disain-karbis Unique patterns work as beautiful eyecatchers enlivening modern interiors. This designer product is also a good idea for a gift.

The collection of designer pillows was caught on camera in the interior of Ligne Roset salon in Tallinn.

For open air conditions and terraces, the waterproof fabric suits best.

Please view the fabrics 3D Stones/Decorative Pillows all choice – 12 colors here:

For beautiful Dark Brass – Trio Pillows!

The whole collection will be exhibited during the XII Tallinn Design Festival Night 2017.

On the photos some interior views from modern Galleria PSI, Tallinn.

New colors from Spring 2018:  www.visioontekstiil.com/kevad-5

You can order the pillow covers by post, it is easy on present box! More info: liivi@visioontekstiil.com

Enjoying exciting photo prints… Greetings from Estonia, Liivi Leppik
Textile Designer, Visioon tekstiil

+372 5149539


Have a nice summertime!

Beautiful “SunFish” Beach Mat also well suited for the garden or beach. Collection of Waterproof Beach Textiles – more info: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/toode/exotic-beach-textiles

Enjoy your summer, Designer Liivi Leppik

liivi@visioontekstiil.com +372 5149539


Exotic & Sparkling Summer

The warm summer that we have longed for is finally here. Give extra value and comfort to your vacation with beautifully designed waterproof beach textiles. A rather showy beach blanket was born by using the designers` 3D blue stones in a photo image. It was a joy to discover that also the photo image gives a slight 3D effect. The unique beach blanket suitably carries the name “Blue Stones”.

However, you can easily choose the one you like best. The waterproof beach textile collection comprises six exquisite and practical beach blankets, check them out here: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/toode/exotic-beach-textiles Each designer towel comes with a matching zipper tote bag. A high quality designer gift for yourself or a loved one!

6 different beach blanket designs are here: size 145 x 205 cm /price 135 Eur.

The nature images have been taken on beautiful beaches in Hawaii and Thailand. The beach blankets are named: Blue Stones, Bright Blue Sea, Good Luck, Pink Plumeria Beach, Maui Paradise and Under the Palm Tree. Furthermore, there are more fun – “SunFish” beach mats 5 different.

Larger images and more info can be found here: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/toode/exotic-beach-textiles

Let`s enjoy the beautiful summer, Designer Liivi Leppik

liivi@visioontekstiil.com mob.+372 5149539


Interior 2017 – welcome!

On April 21-23, the annual Interior Design Fair 2017 will take place at the Estonian Fair Centre in Tallinn. You can enjoy exciting new creations and design ideas for modern interior.

Please visit us in the Design Hall, stand no 69 – Visioon tekstiil. Creation directly from the author. 3D Interior Art, Textile Stones more info here:  www.visioontekstiil.com/toode/3d-stone-fabric and photos here: www.visioontekstiil.com/gallery/3d-textile-stones

A New Collection of Waterproof Exotic Beach Textiles are wait for you too, more info here: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/spring-news

INTERIOR 2017 – April 21-23, Estonian Exhibition Centre, Pirita road 28, Tallinn, Estonia. Open: 21.04  11.00-18.00,  22.04. 10.00-18.00, 23.04. 10.00 -16.00  More info here:  www.sisustusmess.ee/kulastajale You are very welcome!

Have a nice spring, Designer Liivi Leppik


Spring News

Some news for Exotic Beach Textiles. The range will be updates and added 4 more exciting beach textiles. New waterproof beach blanket textile visions by photoprint will be ready soon, Apr. 2017. Fabrics that designed in the early spring – share a bright and sunny summer just for you. Beautiful tropical ideas here:

More design info: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/new-summer-designs-in-photo-print

New Collection of Waterproof Beach Textiles is ready now – 15.04.2017!

Beach Blanket sizes are: 147 x 205 cm/price 129.-Eur. Look beautiful design here:

Please visit Interior Fair 2017, April, 21.-23. in Tallinn, Estonia. You are very welcome!

Enjoy spring and have bright summer soon, designer Liivi Leppik

liivi@visioontekstiil.com + 372 5149539


3D Textile Art*Stones. Video

Some of the exciting 3D Textile*Stones pictures were ready: “A Walk in the Starlight”, “Golden Beach” and “Blue Hawaii”. See two different textile images together on the wall in the customer`s interior. Ready made pictures sizes are 120 x 50 cm. Unique design for Interior Art by Liivi Leppik.

See the different 3D textiles /also transparent – Video here:


Follow your dreams …

Have a Wonderful Christmas Time! Happy New Year 2017!


A Smile Always Helps …

20.11 – 20.12.2016 all readily available 3D textile pictures with a 10% discount. Password: A Smile Always Helps!

Soon it will be time for the Month of Smiles at VISIOON TEKSTIIL. The attractively colourful 3D designer pieces created using patented techniques as well as other large pictures – Sun Catcher, Sunset on Mars, Moon Magic and Winter Wonders – are perfect for people who are looking for something completely unique, positively charging and fascinating for their interiors. Each item is one-of-a-kind but many of them fit together very nicely, for example the following stone fabrics: white/ red and silver/ transparent, etc. The pictures come in special boxes making it easy and comfortable to order via post. Exciting interior art enlivens the home and the office and it is suitable to give as a formal gift. Art that adds magic and colour, look more here:

Check out the designer fabrics here: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/products

Measurements and prices: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/pricelist ;   www.visioontekstiil.com/en/moon-magic

For any additional information, please do not hesitate to ask the designer. Welcome!

Wishing you a wonderful Winter, Liivi Leppik


www.visioontekstiil.com    liivi@visioontekstiil.com +372 5149539


Moon Magic

The field of interior design just got enriched with a new 3D design picture. The piece is an original textile picture called Moon Magic, inspired by the full moon and star shine. The fabulous fabric sparkles in both day- and nightlight and the soft wavy sea invites the viewer to come closer and touch it. There is a little guardian angel hidden between the stars and she can only be seen when looked at a close distance. The romantic design element is most suitable to decorate an interior in nightlight when the big golden moon can catch the light to bring forth the enchanting magic of moonlight.

The 3D picture is in a black metal framing and ready to be installed to its final location. The measurments are 120 x 120 x 5 cm/ Price €390. The image in the box.
For information send an e-mail to liivi@visioontekstiil.com More 3D designer textiles: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/products

Best regards, Liivi Leppik

Designer, Visioon tekstiil, www.visioontekstiil.com

+372 5149539


Have a nice summer …

Tomorrow is another day and the sun will shine again. Liivi Leppik

On the photo “SunFish” Beach Mat near the lake. More info: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/new-summer-designs-in-photo-print


More Fun in the Sun!

Exotic Beach Textiles make summer fun. Photo Printed Tropical Fish Design for – sun deck, beach, terrace, swimming pool etc. Beautiful and Frisky Beach Textiles for the Young at Heart …

Click on the photo to check out the summer banner. More information: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/new-summer-designs-in-photo-print

Designer Liivi Leppik

+372 5149539   ¤   liivi@visioontekstiil.com


You are welcome to the Interior Fair!

On April 22 – 24, the annual Interior Design Fair 2016 will take place at the Estonian Fair Centre in Tallinn, 28 Pirita road. Please visit us in the Design Hall,  stand no 50 Visioon tekstiil. The upcoming fair is also the perfect place to display the author`s latest designs – beautiful and practical leisure textiles that are suitable to use on the beach or at a picnic, both indoors and outdoors. You are most Welcome!

Discount ticket here:  www.sisustusmess.ee/visitor Open: April 22   11.00 – 18.00  /  23   10.00 -18.00  /   24   10.00 -16.00

April 22, 2016, Design hall. Visioon tekstiil – Interior 3D Art and Exotic Beach Textiles Collection.

See you soon, Liivi Leppik

Designer of Visioon tekstiil


Vision Textiles at the Interior Design Fair

On April 22-24, the annual Interior Design Fair 2016 will take place place at the Estonian Fair Centre in Tallinn (Pirita tee 28). Countless companies will introduce new and trendy interior and design ideas. For the first time, a design market will take place in the design hall, introducing exciting original creations by many different authors. There will be a lot of interesting, innovative design offers to order or buy on the spot. As the fair assembles, there will be creators from many different design scenes and there will be a great number of visitors this year. The fair will definitely be very interesting and inspiring!

Visioon tekstiil will be displaying the trademark of 3D Design Textiles – colourful stone fabrics and other three dimensional textile art pieces. These spatial fabrics give walls are very enchanting feel and enliven minimalistic interiors. The designer´s favorite, stone fabric, is almost 10 years old already and it was first presented to the public at the same fair. This spring provides an opportunity to get asquainted with the upgraded versions of the same art style, along new and unique textile pictures of different sizes, colors and techniques.

With spring in the air, the upcoming fair is also the perfect place to display the author`s latest designs – beautiful and practical leisure textiles that are suitable to use on the beach or at a picnic, both indoors and outdoors. The photo-printed textiles were more thoroughly introduced in previous Home Page News but the cheerful „SunFish“ are definitely better seen in person and will guarantee a good mood. The exotic beach textiles and the designer´s earlier works will be exhibited in the Design Hall, stand no 50. You are most Welcome! You may read about all the pieces that will be on showcase on our home page, all the measurements and prices are provided in the price list. If you find something interesting from our web that you would like to see at the fair, please don`t hesitate to contact me!

See you soon! We are welcoming you to the Interior Design Fair on April 22-24 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Fair discount ticket, please print here:  www.sisustusmess.ee/visitor?lang=en

Wishing you a sunny spring, Liivi Leppik

Designer of Visioon tekstiil


Original Patterns Straight from Nature

New Year brings new horizons! The collection of exotic beach textiles which was launched in August 2015 got a colorful upgrade in the beginning of the New Year. A few more ideas found their way into reality and now there are 5 different beautiful fish in the beach textile range. In addition to the royal striped and the sunny yellow, a sporty blue, a decorous brown, and a romantic pink were born – enough to choose from. The beach mats in high quality photo print are designed for children as well as adults, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The waterproof and UV-proof eye-catching big fish are fit to decorate beaches, homes and why not even the sun decks of luxury yachts? It takes about 1-3 weeks to complete the order of this attractive design product. Make yourself happy or surprise a loved one!

The joyful fish in their original colors also have their original names written on the mats; therefore, it is possible to search for additional information about their origin and other fascinating facts. What a Wonderful World!

The designer beach mats come with a nice introductory advertisement which can be printed out. More info: “News – Exotic Beach Textiles“: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/new-summer-designs-in-photo-print

Let`s enjoy the original patterns from the treasure house of nature itself!

Textile Designer Liivi Leppik


e-EXPO Fair in Tallinn in September 2015

The e-EXPO exhibition in Tallinn that took place on September 19-20 displayed the latest designs of Vision Textiles.  During the two days different options for interior art and latest creations were introduced to the public. From the larger innovative pictures were exhibited “Mars”, “Sunset on Mars” and “SunCatcher”. Exciting and exotic textiles – born from the joy of creation and meant to enjoy life.

All our colorful products can be found at homepage and more info from catalog: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/pricelist. There you can also get aquainted with the new beach textiles, which made their debut at the e-EXPO. Here is the fun and exotic SunFish which proved to be hugely popular with the young visitors and alike. The visitors suggested that the SunFish could be also used as a rug in kids rooms or even on the deck of a boat!

Exotic Beach Textiles can be found at: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/new-summer-designs-in-photo-print.  Many thanks to all the visitors and hope to see you again soon! Textile designer Liivi Leppik

Visioon tekstiil, www.visioontekstiil.com


e-EXPO fair in Tallinn

On September 19-20, the first e-commerce EXPO is taking place in the Estonian Fair Center in Tallinn. There are many interesting fields of services and products presented at the fair. All of them being daily offered through the Internet. The first e-fair gives the visitor a chance to get aquainted with these products in real life and more closely. The designer of Visioon tekstiil welcomes you in the box nr.76. Many 3D designer textile art pieces in beautiful colours and different techniques will be presented. It will also be possible to get aquainted with the newest products – exotic beach textiles in photo print.

The fair is free for all visitors, open only for two days:  Sept 19  10-18 / Sept 20  10-16.  You are most welcome to visit! More info and the program can be found here: www.e-expo.ee


New – Exotic Beach Textiles

Our  life is a big adventure and inspired by travels. This is how two different beach textiles were born – a beautiful beach blanket “Maui Paradise” and a fun Beach Mat “SunFish” – practical textiles, Designed for All Ages.

The captivating images are printed on water- and sunproof fabric – both are perfect to use as a beach or picnic blanket. Both products are double layered in order to make it possible to use them on damp grass or wet sand. The big fish can be easily rolled up and slided into a complementing zipper bag which also has room also for the beach blanket. The textiles together form a nice combo but they can be used separately as well. The designer products can be ordered upon request and it takes 1-2 weeks for the products to be ready for shipping. Enjoy a bit of luxury with comfort!

It is possible to choose another image for a custom made product from the designer`s private photo collection. There are turquoise beaches, adventurous mountain views, tropical blossoms, etc. It is up to you and your imagination as to which picture you would like to lie on … don`t hesitate to ask for more information.

1. Beach Blanket ” MAUI  PARADISE”, all picture size 145 x 205 cm

a) size 145 x 205 cm  - 139.-Eur.        (look the 1.photo)

2. Beach Mat “SUNFISH”,  size ca 93 x 182 cm / with special bag – 149.-Eur.  Only fish – 105.-Eur.

There are 5 different exciting fishes range: multicoloured, yellow, blue, brown and pink. More info: www.visioontekstiil.com/en/original-patterns-straight-from-nature

The big joyful fish accompained by a beautifully illustrated and positively charged carrying bag adding decorum to the classy exotic fish. Check out the “Enjoy your Life…” designs here: http://www.visioontekstiil.com/en/gallery/beach-blanket-sunfish

In addition to the beautiful illustration the beach textiles have a bonus feature – the fabric does not become wet. It`s the perfect place to lie down on after swimming. It has a pleasant, clean and dry sensation. The SunFish could be also used as a rug in kid`s room or even on the deck of a boat. Make yourself happy or surprise a loved one!

Textiles author Designer Liivi Leppik

liivi@visioontekstiil.com +372  5149539


Impressions from the Visit to the EXPO 2015

On June 7, the national day of Estonia took place at the EXPO 2015 and many visitors from near and far found their way to the Estonian Gallery. The morning started with speech by our president, Mr Toomas Hendrik Ilves, and the Estonian flag was hoisted. During the whole day, many different receptions and spirited concerts took place. In a nearby ceremonial hall, Maestro Tõnu Kaljuste conducted a beautiful concert with a big orchestra and later on in the evening there was a magical surprise performance in front of the gallery by our Eurovision stars Elina Born and Stig Rästa. The organizing team had arranged many fantastic Estonian performers to give fun concerts on the Estonian Gallery grounds from morning till evening.

The Estonian Gallery is a light and open wooden building, very nice to walk in and rock on long swings hanging in the hallways. Three floors were dedicated to introducing our small country, beautiful clean nature and according to the overall theme of the exhibition also our food. Design news were presented mainly on the second and third floor. The weather in Milan was unbelievably hot but fortunately there were huge parasols between the buildings to make the walking more enjoyable. There are 145 countries taking part of the EXPO 2015, which is built on area of 200 hectares. The World Exhibition will be open until October 31, open every day 10-23. There are many exciting galleries to visit and the exhibition is definitely worth visiting. There some photos added taken on June 6-7 at EXPO 2015 by Liivi Leppik.

More photos by Estonian pavilion


Stone Textile at EXPO 2015 World Fair

From May 1 to October 31, EXPO Milano 2015 takes place in Milan, Italy. Among the Estonian exhibition there is also one of the 3D textile stones pictures – “A Walk in the Starlight” by textile designer Liivi Leppik. The location of the original piece at the EXPO fair is in the lounge on the 3rd floor of the Estonian hall. Other works by Liivi Leppik are represented on screen. A photo of the steel grey exhibition picture can be found attached to this post. Other promotional material can be found here:



The exhibition – Textiles that Excite.

There is open a beautiful exhibition “3D Textile Art”  31.12.2014 – 31.01.2015  in Wabadus Cafe, Vabaduse Square 10, Tallinn, Estonia. Welcome!

On the second floor of the cafe visitors will find original textiles in beautiful colours framed 3D pictures. The textile art with a touch of fantasy is meant for people who prefer unique creations. A bit futuristic fabrics fit perfectly into modern interiors adding excitement and luxury. The pictures presented at the exhibition are handmade using a patented technique, therefore, all of them are exclusive and unique. However, many of the stone textile pictures fit together considering both colour and pattern. One of the harmonious pairs is the combination of the silvery “A Visit to Jupiter” and the transparent “Arctic Lights of Jupiter”. And there are more.

Here is a photo of luxurious 3D textile image “Golden Stones”. The biggest piece from the latest collection is a mystically glowing crimson purple “Sunset on Mars”. Alltogether there are 15 pictures presented – all of them marked with a small signature of brand name. All the designs are inspired by nature, they have a positive aura and they are full of surprises – fabrics that always make you smile. Of course, the best way to experience these creations is to see them with your own two eyes. You are very welcome to this exciting exhibition!

Exhibition “3D textile Art” – Wabadus Cafe,  31.12.2014 – 31.01.2015. Open: Mon-Tue 11-19, Wen-Thu 11-21, Fri-Sat 11-01.

The presented pieces can be reserved for ordering via +372 5149539, designer Liivi Leppik. The list with prices is available in the exhibition. Info www.visioontekstiil.com

There is also an article “3D Textiles Enliven the Interior” publised by Delfi News on August 13 for those who would like to read some more:  „3D Textiles Enliven the Interior


The exhibition “3D Textile Art”, 25.-29.Sept.2014 – Wabadus Cafe, Tallinn

The exhibition

The exhibition "3D Textile Art" by Liivi Leppik

3D textile stones - In the Moonlight

3D textile stones - In the Moonlight

3D textile stones - Golden Stones

3D textile stones - Golden Stones

3D textile stones - Arctic Lights of Jupiter

3D textile stones - Arctic Lights of Jupiter

3D textile stones - Love

3D textile stones - Love

3D textile pictures - Spell of the Sea, Hope and Sun Catcher

3D textile pictures - Spell of the Sea, Hope and Sun Catcher

The exhibition

Design Night festival 2014

In connection with the festival of Night of Design it is possible to enjoy a special exhibition in the interior of a beautiful cafe in the heart of Tallinn. The exhibition “3D TEXTILE ART” by textile designer Liivi Leppik comprises several innovational handcrafted 3D textile stone pictures for modern interiors. There are many exciting colours presented, from deep blue to luxurious golden and from transparent to the combination of different 3D techniques. As the stone textile pictures are usually made as custom orders then the present exhibition with so many exciting colours together can be described as a rather rare event. Textile illusions, all inspired by nature. Textiles with emotions and sense. Art that adds luxury and colour to life …

The exhibition “3D TEXTILE ART”, Sept. 25-28, 2014, Wabadus Cafe 2.nd floor, Vabaduse square 10, Tallinn, Estonia. Welcome!


3D Textile Art at the “Interior 2014″ fair

3D kivikangad - Interjöör 2014 messil 3D Kivikangad

This year, the annual interior design fair “Interior 2014″ took place on April 25-27 in the Estonian Fair Center in Tallinn. Offering custom textile design, Visioon tekstiil was also represented at the fair with its unique designer creations. During the fair, the innovational handcrafted 3D textile art pieces could be seen and touched by the visitors and it was possible to get more information from the designer Liivi Leppik herself. While the white stone fabric picture charmed the visitors with its simplicity and beautiful form then the eyecatcher of the exhibition was definitely the little bright green stone fabric sample embellishing the whole display with its cheerful vernal colour.

In the add photos, You can see the 3D textile Stones exposition and the printable promotion flyer. Be inspired!


Design Award – Exceptional Creativity 2013

Disainiauhind - Erakordne loovus 2013On November 27-28, the EUWIIN INTERNATIONAL AWARDS 2013 / European Women Inventors & Innovators Network Exhibition took place in Stockholm, The Tekniska Museet, Sweden with 70 participants from the Eu and also from other parts of the world.
Estonia was represented by Liivi Leppik, a textile designer and author of several innovative and unique 3D textiles inspired by nature and the Japanese shibori technique. The jury was fascinated by the designers “3D Textile Stones” and she was awarded in recognition of Exceptional Creativity in fashion Innovation. On the photo you can see beautiful glass award “Exceptional Creativity 2013″.


ILLUSIONS by Liivi Leppik

As of September 13, 2013, all the magical 3D Textile Art pictures are marked with a new engraved brand name – ILLUSIONS by Liivi Leppik. Details make the difference! Exciting textile pictures can be used by a wide variety of techniques, everything starts with a dream …

3D Textile Art / 3D Textile Stones by Liivi Leppik

3D Design Textile / Stones. Liivi Leppik

3D Textile Art / 3D Textile Stones by Liivi Leppik

ILLUSIONS by Liivi Leppik / side view of the 3D picture


Parade of Estonian art in the National Library.

On the 13 September 2013 the National Library opened a representative exhibition “From artists to library`s” 95 th anniversary and the 20 th anniversary of opening the library building at Tõnismägi 2. The exciting exhibition extends from the main exhibition hall to the foyer gallery and the 6. floor hall. You are most welcome to visit the jubilee exhibition in the National Library of Estonia in Tallinn, where you can aquainted with the textile artist Liivi Leppik`s latest greations, 3D textile pictures – Hope, Sea Spell, Sun Catcher. Exhibition open 13.Sept.-16. Oct. 2013,  Mo-Fr 10-20,  Sa 12-19,  Tõnismägi 2, Tallinn, Estonia. 

By Liivi Leppik

National Library of Estonia. 3D Textile Art by Liivi Leppik

3D Textile Art - "Hope" by Liivi Leppik


3D Textiles Enliven the Interior

08. august 2013 17:30

Text in Estonian News,  online news and entertaiment portal delfi.ee by Irmeli Karja

Miraculously White 3D Stone Textile by Liivi Leppik
Photo by Liivi Leppik

The 3D stone textiles by textile designer Liivi Leppik are loved by many – they can be seen decorating homes and offices all over the world. How was the stone textile born? The uniqueness of the 3D textiles has also been registered in the International Encyclopedia of Textiles. Stone textile is a perfect alternative to photos and paintings.

I discovered the stone textile by Liivi Leppik by chance hanging on the wall of a furniture salon at the same time with my upcoming jubilee. I fell in love with the picture and asked my friends to give me two white ones as a present for my birthday. They still offer a strong interior accent for my home and delight all my guests. I especially like the sparkle of the fabric when it happens to be under direct sunlight. In the winter it is possible to use artificial spotlight to make the brilliance stand out. At first, many people concider the stones to be hard but after touching them they are surprised to find out that the stones are soft, instead. Now, after a couple of years, I decided to inquire Liivi about the initial birth and the present situation of the stone textile.

Golden 3D Stone Textile by Liivi Leppik
Photo: Liivi Leppik

The idea of the stone textile began to develop in the early Spring of 2006, when Liivi noticed a photo with beach stones at a textile exhibition in Frankfurt. She imagined the stones to be real and three-dimensional extending a bit beyond the frame. And if only those stones could be seen in all different dream colours… At first it felt unbelievable, but on the way home the idea seemed more and more doable. With suspense, the designer tried to put the idea into practice, and that is how she managed to create a framed picture of 3D soft fabric which was able to hold its shape. The first stone grey textile pictures were displayed at the Tallinn Interior Exhibition in 2006 and they became objects of keen interest among the visitors.

Dark Grey 3D Stone Textile by Liivi Leppik
Foto: Liivi Leppik

The project developed further, and encouraged by many people, Liivi registered the 3D stone textile in the Estonian Patent Office. In the same year, the steel grey stone textile was displayed in the exhibition of the Estonian Design Award. As mentioned above, the stone textile can also be found in the International Encyclopedia of Textiles.
The steel grey piece was displayed at the Lahti Biennale exhibition in Finland in 2011 and now it is located at the Estonian House in Helsinki in a permanent display.

Inspired by Nature

Inspiration can be found all around us – forms with structure are inspiriting, and they make an artist want to record their beauty into fabric. Another way to broaden one`s horizon is to travel with eyes open. It was possible to gain a lot of knowledge about natural colours at a grand exhibition of incredibly beautiful mineral stones in the Royal Museum of Toronto in Canada. Anything is possible – the number of surprising natural colours is infinite.

A Month of Handwork

According to Liivi it is very exciting to design unique 3D textiles, whether they are first visioned by herself or by a client. The result is always a positive surprise because stones of the same shade have an extremely calming effect. In order to make a 3D textile, the designer uses 100% polyester fabric, which can be thermally processed to make it hold its new shape. The processed 3D textile is fixed on a plastic pannel and framed for final finishing. The stone textile is a labour-intensive work of handicraft, which usually takes 3-6 weeks, and it can be made in any colour.. even golden.

IA Perfect Alternative to Photoes and Paintings

The 3D textile pictures are perfect for modern interiors. They fit well into homes as well as formal surroundings, they are suitable to give as impressive gifts to somebody who appreciates originality. The finished product is light in weight and comfortable to send by mail. It is possible to place them on the wall as a single decoration or in groups of two or even three.

Easy to Care For

As the pictures are usually made of shiny fabrics, which do not collect much dust then all that is needed is to go over them with a big dust brush from time to time.

Reed Coloured 3D Stone Textile by Liivi Leppik
Photo: Liivi Leppik

Special Orders Bring Joy

Liivi is also inspired by people who dare to dream and order textile stones in their own favourite colours. One young woman, for example, ordered the “stones” in pure white, another one, on the other hand, in greenish reed colour.

It was especially nice when one of the clients ordered a copper brown picture and asked modestly if it was possible to make it seem as a wave had just gone over the stones. And so, Liivi has always tried to make sure that the appearance of her works would not be too neat but rather natural, although the stones do sometimes come in quite surreal colours. The latest order came from Switzerland. The gentleman asked for textile stones in the colour of kerosene – after a brief explanation it became evident that he meant sparkling sea blue.

Sea Blue 3D Stone Textile by Liivi Leppik
Photo: Liivi Leppik

Stone textiles have found their way to Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, Denmark, Italy, Canada, USA, Singapore, and New Zealand. This brings the artist true joy.

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder And Imagination Has No Limits

It is possible to create a 3D effect also for large curtain textiles – sheer organza appears charmingly fluffy and light with its structured water pattern flowing down like a water fall. Everything starts with an idea which grows up to become a project, that is how looking for artistic solutions leads to inspiring textiles in different techniques. Using these different textile techniques together it is possible to create amazing spacial pictures.
The sea blue stone textile and a few other designer pieces from the more recent collection can be seen soon in the jubilee exhibition in the National Library of Estonia from September 10 to October 16.
The piece called The Sun Catcher was inspired by our long Winter – so that there would be enough sunshine in the room all the time.

The Sun Catcher by Liivi Leppik Shines Throughout the Year
Photo: Liivi Leppik


Refreshing the corporate name – Visioon tekstiil!

With the intent to offer more than just curtains, we have changed our company name (Visioonkardin) in the Estonian Trade Register on July 24, 2012 to Visioon tekstiil. Over the last few years we have introduced several new collections of unique textiles that have already found a very positive response. The most popular products among our clients are the original 3D textiles, especially the stone fabric in exciting and interesting colours, has found its way to many different parts of the world. We have decided to follow the same innovative path and from now on, the trademark of our extraordinary designer products by Liivi Leppik will be known as – Visioon tekstiil.

Our new homepage: www.visioontekstiil.com, e-mail: liivi@visioontekstiil.com. For the time being, our previous contacts are working as well. All other requisites have remained the same. It will be a pleasure to serve you through any of our old or new email addresses or phone numbers.

Always open to new ideas …   With best regards, Liivi Leppik


Exhibition of Finnish, Turkish, Estonian young designers, from Lahti Design Bienniale. Begins 17-25.09. k10-20.

The best of the Lahti exhibition “Feel the Design” at Design Night festival
Lahti: Biennale 2011 – the beauty of good design reveals itself not only through seeing but also through feeling and trying out the product. The exhibition displays design products which were created using new knowledge about materials, structure and usability. What would an infallible walking stick which defies the laws of physics look like? How would stone-like textile feel like?
The aim of the event is to develop cooperation between Lahden and other developing design districts. The exhibits include works from Finland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Estonia and Russia. The works of the following artists are displayed at the exhibition in Tallinn:
Cebi (Turkey), Denovo Design (the Netherlands), Ilio (Turkey), Julia Chaitsyna
(Russia), Sule Koc (Turkey), Liivi Leppik (Estonia), Magisso (Finland),
Muoto2(Finland), Naif (Turkey), Rami Santala / Zebra Japan (Finland/Japan),
Sinituote (Finland), Tapio Anttila / Pedro Oy (Finland), Tunto Design (Finland),
Marianne Valola (Finland).

Source: http://innoeurope.eu/yritused_item.php?eid=478


Lahti Biennale Exhibition, 1.-31.07.2011

During the month of July, a design exhibition of new and innovative products is taking place in the beautiful Sibelius Hall in Lahti, Finland. The presented items are fascinating to watch and touch. Out of the 92 items that were sent to the competition, only 35 were selected for the exhibition. One of the exhibited items is a 3D textile wall picture “Stones of Steel” by Liivi Leppik from Estonia. Below there are photos from the opening of the exhibition. The best designer products will be selected to be exhibited during the Helsinki Design Week in Autumn 2011. You are welcome to visit the interesting exhibition in Finland. For more information visit www.lahtibiennale.fi.


Video Introduction of 3D Textiles 4 min